Welcome to the Flat Classroom® Projects Help Wiki

This website has been created to provide guidance and help information for the Flat Classroom® Projects and the Flat Classroom® Conference. Not all of these features will be used on every project, so check the individual timeline and assignment for information about which apply to your project. If you wish to use these help files and standards for your project, feel free to do so. This space is Administered by Julie Lindsay.

Behavior protocols/where to send emails/who to ask:

  • To a project manager/

    • Set up issues related to your school
    • Individual troubleshooting issues.
    • Issues specific to your school.
    • Meeting issues (I can't make this meeting. Could you have the meeting at a different time.)
  • To Dianne Hope, Julie

    • Billing issues
  • Suggestions -- Yvonne, Julie, Project managers

  • To the Google Group:

    • All Disciplinary issues where a student was suspended or there are problems - we teachersource - ALL of these should be going through so we are all fully informed and taking care of issues.
    • Status updates/ project wide issues
    • Any issues you THINK other teachers may be having that are overarching - we want everyone in the loop
    • At the beginning of the project this can be a lot.