Method One: Create Multiple Users through Administration

This can be done by Flat Classroom administrators OR by teachers who have been made organisers on the actual project wiki (e.g.
Either way -
  • It allows students to be added who do not have a personal email account
  • It allows younger students to be added without creating a personal profile

If you prefer Flat Classroom organisers to do this teachers are to send the following information -
  • A list of usernames, optionally including passwords and email addresses in a spreadsheet (.csv, .xls, or .xlsx) or text list (comma-separated or tab-separated).
  • Passwords must be at least six characters long. Wikispaces can generate six character random passwords for you if preferred.
Teachers will then be sent a full list of student login information to hand out to students

If you wish to do this your self -
  • Make sure you have joined the project wiki and been made an organiser
  • Go to 'Manage Wiki'
  • Under the People heading, select 'User Creator'
  • Follow the instructions for creating user IDs and upload your student data
  • Students will automatically be made members of the project wiki HOWEVER they will not be full members until they have been approved as members of the portal, This final approval must be done by a Flat Classroom administrator

Method Two: Users Join and Login Independently

  • Students go to and go to Join in upper right corner (there is no join this wiki on left).
  • Flat Classroom administrator approves them (this may not be automatic)
  • When they are approved then they go to the project wiki e.g
  • When on the project wiki page they go to Join this Wiki on top left (they should have logged in to their account already so their name should appear at the top of the page).
  • The classroom teacher approves them for the wiki and they are good to go. (classroom teacher should make sure they had admin rights on the project wiki first to facilitate this)