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Adding users to your wikis

By now, you probably know how to add users to your Private Label site (if not, you can learn more about our multiple authentication options here). But we do get a lot of questions from people who want to learn more about how to add their users to particular wikis. As site administrator, you have options for managing members that wiki organizers don’t have:

Add a single user

  1. Go to Site Administration.
  2. Switch to the Wikis tab.
  3. Search for the wiki you want to add the member to.
  4. On the list, move your mouse over the name of the wiki and click Details.
  5. Type in the username and click Add.

Add multiple users

You can use the User Creator tool to add existing users to a wiki (or even multiple wikis) in bulk:
  1. Go to Site Administration.
  2. Switch to the Users tab.
  3. Under User Tools, click Create Multiple Users.
  4. After “Which wikis do you want to add users to?,” type in the name of the wiki you want to add the users to. If you want to add these same users to multiple wikis, Click the Add another wiki link.
  5. Choose how you would like to enter your usernames, and type them in or upload your file. Click Continue.
  6. Check to make sure that the tool is correctly recognizing your usernames as username, and click Continue.
  7. Under Verification, it will say, “Some of the usernames or email addresses you've chosen are already taken.” Change the dropdown to “Invite those users to my wiki” and click Verify Changes.
  8. Click Continue.

How to add Users without email addresses tutorial

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In online spaces, please have your students use a naming convention or pattern ->
First name, First Initial of Last name, School Initials
So Lisa Durff from Broadfording Christian Academy would be LisaD_BCA


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