We have created a flat classroom group on Diigo in order to share the bookmarks for this project. Called social bookmarking, this helps us to research and share what we find so that we can then draw conclusions, summarize, and put it together. Sort of a common "brain." A great place to start your work is by surfing the internet and using the Diigo toolbar to bookmark and send items to your group. Use the tags that pop up when you say "send to group" and "flat classroom project" and you'll "send" the bookmark to the group.

Joining the Diigo Group

Requesting to Join

Teachers may add students manually

You may type your student information in a spreadsheet (csv format) and email it to the Diigo Group administrator for the project and the students can be automatically uploaded to the diigo group. Make sure that when you save it in a program like Excel, that you save it as a csv format. Email it to the administrator of the project. (For flat classroom and digiteen, it is Vicki Davis.)

Diigo Help

Diigo has an extensive help database. Some helpful information, that we highly recommend following:

  • http://help.diigo.com/ - Has some great video tutorials on using diigo.
  • We highly recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser and installing the Diigo Toolbar
  • If you do not use Mozilla firefox or do not wish to use the toolbar, you may install the Digolet for Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.

Bookmarking to the Group

After you install the diigo toolbar, right click on a page and say "bookmark this page to Diigo." Make sure you share it to our group. When you do, our standard tags for the project will come up. Use all tags that apply (you can send them to other groups). Make sure that you describe or summarize the page at the top. These are viewable to others on diigo. The notes on the bottom are specifically how this site relates to the flat classroom project and your thoughts. Click "save."

Sample Bookmarking in Diigo
Sample Bookmarking in Diigo

Sample Bookmarking in Diigo

Sample Bookmarking in Diigo

Embedding bookmark lists on your topic page

Each topic page should include a list of most recent links shared to the group. This comes from diigo automatically to keep the content fresh and current.

  1. Go to the Group
  2. Click "Group Linkrolls/ Tagrolls"


In online spaces, please have your students use a naming convention or pattern ->
First name, First Initial of Last name, School Initials

So Lisa Durff from Broadfording Christian Academy would be LisaD_BCA