• Inviting Students to join the Ning
    • The Problem

      • If you invite students to the Ning FROM WITHIN A GROUP
      • It is inviting the students to join the group - NOT join the Ning.
      • Because they haven't joined the Ning, they are going into Ning-limbo. We aren't seeing them in pending to approve them but they've already created a profile.
    • The FIX:

      • HAVE THEM JOIN the Ning
      • Go to your page, under your friends, click invite, and invite them there AGAIN.
      • Have them try to join the Ning and request membership (if they can.)
      • If this doesn't work, you should delete the invitation under manage and let them apply to join.

      • Go to your page, under your friends, click invite and invite them that way
      • Use the invitation code
      • Have them request to join.

Naming Convention

    • We do not approve students with full names who do not have their code.
    • In online spaces, please have your students use a naming convention or pattern ->
      First name, First Initial of Last name, School Initials

      So Lisa Durff from Broadfording Christian Academy would be LisaD_BCA

Introducing Yourself to the Project