Outsourced VideoSome projects require an "outsourced clip" If so, these are your instructions.

Outsourced Clip

"Outsourcing" means to: "Assigning responsibility for all or a portion of the activity and tasks involved in developing and/or running and maintaining a system to a vendor ..." Depending upon other people in different locations is becoming part of workflow, requiring excellent communication skills and project management. For the purposes of this project, this means that you will request and receive video from another person on the project.

A portion of your video MUST come from one of your other partners in another classroom. During the first week of the project, you will share with your concept group (the small groups) what type of video you would like from someone in the group. If time permits, you may have more than one person submit video for your project but everyone MUST have one.

How to request your Outsourced Clip

This is a video tutorial about how to request the clip. Just remember that every project has an "Outsourced Clip Request Page" -- look for the link on the left hand side or the home page. You may also type that in the search box to find it.

How to Sign up for Video

  • The project calendar will tell you the dates to request and sign up for video.
  • Sign up for videos is on a first come first serve basis.
  • You MAY NOT delete a student who is already there.
  • Sign up's occur on the "outsourced video requests" page
  • The name used on the "Sign up" page is the name that will be credited in the credits of the movie.
  • Include a hyperlink to your Ning page from your name on the wiki sign up (so they can find you.)

This video for the 2008 Horizon Project describes the procedures for this. (It is the same for all projects.)

How to "Send" Video to your Partner

Check the project calendar for the date.
A - Upload your video to the Video Tab of the project's Ning
B - Paste the hyperlink for your video and the date of upload to the Outsourced Video Requests wiki page. (look on the left side of the project)

How to "Retrieve" Video from your Partner

There are two options for this:

A - Using Download Helper and Zamzar

Prerequisite: Install the Download Helper plug in for firefox (you must use firefox web browser for this to work.)

A - Go to the Outsourced Video Clips page for your project
B - Click on the hyperlink of your turned in video (which should be pasted under "received video")
C - Right click on the area outside your video and select the name of the video on the page you wish to download (it should be at the bottom of the menu.
D - Save it to your computer where you may find it (Suggestion: Make a folder for this project)

E - Go to www.zamzar.com and ask your teacher the file type that you will be editing. (Most PC's may edit .avi or .wmv files and most Mac's may edit .mov files.)
F - Select the file you just downloaded and e-mail it TO YOURSELF. Select the proper file type that you need.
G - Go in your e-mail and download the converted copy. You are now ready to edit it in your program.

How to download an outsourced clip from the ning

B - Use Zamzar

Just paste the video hyperlink into Zamzar and send it to your email.

C - Use Adobe Premiere Pro

D - Use Adobe Premiere Pro
(to convert Quicktime movies to .WMV format). It is NOT expected that students will have Adobe Premiere Pro at home.
Project Tab
Project Tab

Project Tab

Launch Premiere Pro -> Create New Project -> File Import -> Choose your video file to import -> displays in Project Tab ->

Source Tab
Source Tab

Source Tab

<- Drag movie from Project Tab to Source Tab

Video Timeline
Video Timeline

Video Timeline

------------------------------------> Drag Source Tab to Video 1 time line -> Zoom in on timeline ->

Adobe Encore
Adobe Encore

Adobe Encore

Highlight / Select film clip on Video 1 Timeline -> File Export -> Adobe Media Encoder -> Export Settings: Format Windows Media -> Range: entire sequence -> Preset: PAL to Download 256K -> Press Okay -> Save file to thumb drive with .wmv extension (windows media video).

Movie Maker Finish
Movie Maker Finish

Movie Maker Finish

Launch Windows Movie Maker 2 -> Import Video -> Edit accordingly. -> Finish Movie -> Save to my computer -> Give appropriate name -> Other settings: Video for broadband 512 kps (or less) -> Convert.

Preview, when satisfied, upload file to the Ning or other approved site.

D - Format Factory

from http://www.pcfreetime.com/ seems to do quite a reasonable job of converting and it is free. (Windows)

E - Windows Media Encoder (free)

Available from Microsoft. Like Download helper, it records a movie and converts it into .wmv format which makes it easy to edit in Movie Maker 2
E.1 Screentoaster.com for capturing screens, other titles include camtasia, snagit, jing, camstudio, videoscreenrecorder

F - Using Zamzar with Safari

You can also utilize the "Window" feature on the Safari toolbar and select "Activity" to locate the .flv file to convert in Zamzar.

Crediting the other person

Make sure that you credit the person who provided your outsourced clip at the end of the movie and as shown on the particular project video requirements.

How the "outsourced clip" fits into the final video


Problems with outsourcing

The problems with outsourcing a video are the same as seen in the real world: lack of vendor dependability, time delays, time zone, communication barriers, and miscommunication. The knowledge learned in the experience of outsourcing is as important as the clip itself.

Ask early. Follow up and talk to your teacher to get help if necessary. Make personal contact on the Ning. Those who wait often come up short. It is a fact of life.

Priority requests

Students who ask BEFORE the last week of requests will receive priority over those who ask late.